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Academic Award Nominees

François Nel is an award-winning educator, journalist and researcher who thinks of himself as a boundary spanner, working to connect both the formal classroom and the wider community with the newsroom, the boardroom, (research) reading room.Born in Zimbabwe, François spent more than a decade in the United States where he earned his BA and MA degrees and gained experience in radio, television and worked as a reporter at The Charlotte Observer newspaper before heading to South Africa at the end of 1991. The following year, Francois joined the faculty of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town, where he taught media courses, developed new programmes and became a head of department. Throughout, he has remained an active freelance journalist, member of professional bodies, such as the South African National Editors Forum, and has authored two Oxford University Press texts and a number of academic papers.

In 2000, he was invited to the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, where he developed and runs the Journalism Leaders Programme as well as coordinating the Digital Editors Network and Journalism Leaders Forum series.The first academic invited to join the World Editors Forum of the World Association of Newspapers & News Publishers (WAN-IFRA), François initiated the World Newspaper Future & Change study, which he runs in collaboration with WAN-IFRA and the Norwegian School of Management.

He is currently also conducting two other research projects, ‘Laid Off: What do UK newspaper journalists do next?’ (in collaboration with journalism.co.uk ) and ‘Where else is the money? A study of online revenue models at UK newspapersFrancois is a researcher, author and educator who works with innovating news organisations and digital media start-ups worldwide. He is the founding director ofthe pioneering Journalism Leaders Programme at UCLan, home to the UK’s oldest journalism school, and initiator of the Media And Digital Enterprise project, which is the only UK winner of the International Press Institute’s inaugural News Innovation Contest sponsored by Google.

He has initiated three ongoing studies into the impacts of technology on the business and practices of the newspaper industry, including: Where else is the money? A study on the evolving business models of newspapers in the 66 cities in Britain; Laidoff: What do UK journalists do next? and the annual World Newsmedia Innovation Study, which he initiated in 2009 in collaboration with the World Association of Newspapers & News Publishers.

“As a research-active media management educator, I see myself as a boundary spanner, working to connect both the classroom and the wider community with the newsroom, the boardroom, and the (research) reading room,” said Francois.He added: “In my case, at least, this honour should really be re-named, a National Learning Fellow. I owe an enormous debt to the many talented professionals and would-be professionals worldwide who’ve participated in my courses, workshops and research projects – and to the University for allowing me space to innovate and to continue to learn.”

Dr Dominic Pasura joined Middlesex University in August 2013 as a Research Fellow in the Social Policy Research Centre. He received his BA Honours in Philosophy and Religious Studies from the University of Zimbabwe. He then graduated with a first-class Masters in Gender and International Development, and a PhD in Sociology from the University of Warwick.

Prior to joining Middlesex University, Dominic worked as a Research Fellow at the University of Huddersfield's Centre for Applied Childhood Studies. From July 2009 to June 2010, Dominic was an ESRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University College London, where he worked on the project 'Religious Transnationalism: The Case of Zimbabwean Catholics in Britain.' £78,375.11. ESRC Grant Number: PTA-026-27-2212. The project examined the ways in which mainstream churches engendered migrants’ maintenance of transnational ties and improved their integration into British society.
He teaches and writes on migration, diasporas and transnationalism; integration of migrants and refugees; religion among the New African diasporas; African studies; and childhood studies. Over the past five years, Dominic has published over 18 articles in peer-reviewed journals and edited books. His book, 'African Transnational Diasporas: Fractured Communities and Plural Identities of Zimbabweans in Britain' , will be published by Palgrave Macmillan in April 2014. The book will offer a framework for understanding African transnational diasporas as well as chart  the migration, settlement and transnational connections of Zimbabweans in Britain. Dominic is currently working on a series of new projects on transnational engagements,  transnational families and African Traditional Religion in the diaspora.

Tendi is interested in intellectuals, society and the state; the political role of African militaries; 

Southern African politics (especially Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Madagascar, 

Swaziland); and the role of regional organisations in crisis resolution in Africa. Tendi is a regular 

contributor to the Guardian newspaper (UK) and has provided political commentary for the BBC, 

CNN, Sky News, Press TV, NPR Radio, amongst others

Miles Tendi convenes the History and Politics Foundation Course for the MPhil in Development 

Studies, as well as teaching on the Research Methods (qualitative) Foundation Course.

Books and Monographs

Tendi, Miles Blessing (2010) Making History in Mugabe's Zimbabwe: Politics, Intellectuals and the Media, Peter Lang 

Publishing Inc

Journal Articles and Special Issues

Tendi, Miles Blessing (2013) 'Ideology, Civilian Authority and the Zimbabwean Military', Journal of Southern African 

Studies 39 (4) (Download from external site)

Tendi, Miles Blessing (2013) 'A View from Inside Robert Mugabe's 2013 Presidential Election Campaign', Journal of 

Southern African Studies 39 (4): 829-43

Tendi, Miles Blessing (with Jocelyn Alexander, JoAnn McGregor) (eds) (2013) 'Special Issue: Politics, Patronage and 

Violence in Zimbabwe', Journal of Southern African Studies 39 (4)

Tendi, Miles Blessing (2011) 'Robert Mugabe and Toxicity: History and Context Matter', Representation 47(3): 307-


Tendi, Miles Blessing (with N Cheeseman) (2010) 'Power-sharing in Comparative Perspective: The Dynamics of 

Unity Government in Kenya and Zimbabwe', Journal of Modern African Studies 48(2): 203-29

Tendi, Miles Blessing (with J Alexander) (2008) 'A Tale of Two Elections: Zimbabwe at the Polls in 2008', ACAS 

Bulletin (Special Issue on Zimbabwe 2)80: 5-17

Tendi, Miles Blessing (with J Alexander) (2008) 'Violence and Zimbabwe's 2008 Elections', Politique Africaine 111: 


Tendi, Miles Blessing (2008) 'Patriotic History and Public Intellectuals Critical of Power', Journal of Southern African 

Studies 34(2): 379-96

Other Publications

Tendi, Miles Blessing (2010) 'How Intellectuals Made History in Zimbabwe',London: Africa Research Institute

Dr Mabweazara joined Falmouth University from Edinburgh Napier University 

(Scotland), where he completed his Doctoral Studies in Journalism with a study of the 

new media and mainstream journalism practice in Africa. Prior to coming to the UK he 

taught Journalism and cognate subject areas in Zimbabwe at the National University of 

Science and Technology and at the Zimbabwe Open University. 

The principal focus of his research interests lies in the field of the new digital media and 

journalism practice in Africa and the wider global South. His publications in this area 

feature in a number of international peer reviewed journals and edited book volumes.

 As well as serving on the editorial board of Digital Journalism (an international peer-
reviewed journal published by Routledge), Dr Mabweazara is the Book Reviews Editor 

of Ecquid Novi: African Journalism Studies, a peer-reviewed journal co-published by 

Routledge and UNISA Press. He is also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 


Publications and research outputs


Mabweazara, H. M. (2013) ‘It’s Our Paper!’ Ethnic Identity Politics and Indigenous 

Language Newspapers Readers in Zimbabwe: The Case of uMthunywa. In Mano, 

W. (Ed.) Racism, Ethnicity and the Media in Africa: Mediating conflict in the Twenty-
First Century, London: I.B. Tauris.

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Mabweazara, H. M. (in press, 2013) Introduction: Online Journalism in Africa: 

Trends, Practices and Emerging Cultures. In Mabweazara, H.M., Mudhai, O.F. & 

Whittaker, J. (Eds.) Online Journalism in Africa: Trends, Practices and Emerging 

Cultures. London: Routledge (Co-authored with Okoth Mudhai & Jason Whittaker).

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Stiff Contest for ZAA International music award

By Arts Correspondent


LAST year the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards (ZAA) launched its International Music Artiste award category. The inaugural honour in 2013 was scooped by British-based Zimbabwean producer Rodney Rymez Hwingwiri, who wrote his own unique piece of history when he was awarded gold and silver plaques after two of his productions reached number one and four respectively on the UK charts.


The award has proved very popular with the public, who have participated enthusiastically in nominating and voting for their favourite artistes. ZAA specifically made this award an international one because Zimbabweanmusic has entertained audiences around the world for generations now.


Indeed, it’s been a long musical journey since ‘Hurricane Hugo’ Thomas Mapfumo whipped across the United States in a blast of mbira-fuelled Chimurenga music in the 1980s. The Bhundu Boys picked up the mantle in the 1990s, rocking audiences across the UK with their Jiti sound and becoming a household name on the British cultural scene.


And as the 20th century gave way to the 21st, Tuku emerged as our foremost musical ambassador in the 2000s, taking us to world-famous platforms like the WOMAD festival and jamming alongside the best of World Music stars.


But following in the footsteps of these legends of song and dance, a younger generation of artistes has emergedand it’s not allowing national borders to hem it in. Showcasing their musical ingenuity and creativity, these emerging cultural ambassadors are flying the Zimbabwean flag high, and it is only fitting that they’re given their due recognition.


This year’s nominees are mbira maestro and songstress Hope Masike, trailblazing singer and hitmaker Jah Prayzah, Afro-fusion band Mokoomba, UK-based music royalty Aaron Manatsa & the New Green Arrows, and hip-hop duo Tehn Diamond and Junior Brown.


The winner will be unveiled at the ZAA gala dinner, to be held on 10 May at the plush Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, London. Over the next few days, we will profile each of these acts.


We kick off with the Princess of Mbira…

Hope Masike


Affectionately known as the “Princess of Mbira”, Hope Masike has become the modern day custodian of the revered mbira musical instrument that has provided thecultural soundtrack to the Shona people of Zimbabwe going  back to antiquity.


Peeved by colonial prejudices that stereotyped the mbira as pagan or unchristian, Masike embarked on a rehabilitative mission by taking into Jazz and lately, gospel music as well.


The fast-rising mbira maestro, singer, songwriter, artist and fashion designer has etched herself onto the consciousness of music fans at home and abroad as a serious talent. A graduate of the Zimbabwe College of Music, Masike already boasts two studio albums, ‘Hope’ and ‘Mbira Love & Chocolate’.


Released in 2009, Hope saw Masike dig deep into her roots to find her own sound as a portrait of the highs and lows of her life in Zimbabwe and her position in it. Her songs on the album were filled with richness that inspired and revived the soul.


‘Mbira, Love and Chocolate’ came tree years later in2012. This diverse album was recorded in Norway with Norwegian artists: bassist Rino Johannessen and Drummer Ole Pette Chyile; and in Zimbabwe with renowned Zimbabwean producer Clive 'Mono' Mukundu.


Watch Because of You: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjBtYP4aQuc


2013 was a particularly rewarding year for Masike. Sheperformed at the world-famous Harare InternationalFestival of the Arts (HIFA) in a well-received regional collaboration with famous young South African pianist Bokani Dyer and Mozambican saxophonist Muzila Mulembe. They went on tour to AZGO Festival inMaputo and Bushfire Festival in Swaziland this May.


She crowned the year’s achievements by being awarded the NAMA award for ‘Outstanding Female Artist 2012’ and rounded it off by going on tour, playing gigs inFrance, Norway, Denmark, and UK, before returning formore shows in South Africa and Zambia.


The collaborative album deal she struck with French DJ Oil and South Africa’s Bokani Dyer will thrust her firmly into the international spotlight. “I believe it shall earn me the much needed international standards since he is the one who is going to mix and master the project in France,” she said on the sidelines of HIFA last year.

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What to wear to the awards ceremony

With only 3 weeks to the awards ceremony (10th May 2014), a lot of our guests are probably wondering what to wear to the event. The dress code is black-tie which means glamorous dresses for the ladies and smart suits for the men. It will be great to se everyone conform to the expectations and show the world #ZimbabweansKillingIt 

For the ladies... 

This long dress is a great colour and would look good on most skin tones and body shapes. 

You can make a short dress look glam by  teaming them up with great accessories and a good hairdo. It will be easy to move around in especially for the after party cause you can easily get on the dance floor and show your moves 

For that WOW factor, this look will most definitely dazzle and make you the centre of attention. 

For the guys, with a classic tuxedo jacket, trousers and a bow tie you can never go wrong. Add a colour bow tie and pocket square for a outfit with a difference. Why not wear a velvet blazer instead for that suave look. A few ideas are below. 

Follow a great blogger, the perfect gentleman @baisonkugz on Instagram for some great outfit ideas 

Let's all come together and celebrate Zimbabweans on the 10th of May in London and put Zim on the map!

***Photo credits go out to fashionbombdaily.com ****

ZAA 2014 Celebrating Zim Independence

The Zimbabwe Achievers Awards (ZAA) have announced a special Independence discount on tickets to this year's event to be held on the 10th of May at the prestigious Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington, London.

From the 17th to the 21st of April, tickets will be available for £79.95, a generous £10 cheaper than the going price. ZAA executive director Brian Nyabunze said the special discount was a gesture of goodwill to the community in commemoration of Zimbabwe's 34th independence anniversary, which has this year coincided with the Easter holiday.

"We thought it would be good to extend this gesture of generosity to our community on the occasion of our country's independence. The awards are almost here and we've pulled out all the stops to ensure a great experience to all our guests on the night," Nyabunze said.

Tickets are available on the ZAA website. This year the organisers have introduced a world class ticketing system that allows guests to choose and pay for their seats entirely online.

Sponsored by the new money transfer company ZimPay, this year's awards will give special  honour to the achievements of young people. An exciting lineup of performers has also been put together to entertain guests.

Now in their fourth year, ZAA celebrate the achievements of the Zimbabwean community in the UK.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

ZAA 2012 Fashion Highlights

ZAA 2012 ,  was most definitely a night to remember in Zimbabwean fashion history.  Men rocked tuxedos and bow ties and some in tuxedo and tie combinations. Ladies wore African designs, long gowns and shorter ones.  Bold colours, pastels,  prints, and black and white all featured. Zimbabweans pulled out all the stops on the red carpet that night. If you are a Zimbabwean fashionista, this was one night not to be missed.

Chipo Chung (above left) made us green with envy in an embellished top half v-neck dress by UK-based designer, Adele Kaseke of Curvyswan. She finished off this ensemble with a swept back pixie cut. 

Viola Ncube (above right), winner of The Female Entrepreneur of the Year award glammed it up in a white studded dress by Versace for H&M, accessorised with a green chiffon scarf down her left shoulder. her legs looked to-die-for in the green-shimmered 6 inch heels.

Conrad Mwanza,the founder of ZAA looked very dapper in a tuxedo that he spiced up with a polka dot bow-tie and pocket square. To compliment his ensemble, his wife Aisha Guest wore an Afro print green and white dress. A best dress nominee.

 A red one shoulder dress, with a side ruffle and embellishment worn by the gorgeous,  Charlene Mukuzvazva, who won the Event and Promoter of The Year award was definitely a winner. She complimented this ensemble with a two-toned, side swept hair-do. Charlene, you are on our best dressed list.

 Tawanda Chiwira,  the two- time Olympian, dressed to impress in a three-piece tuxedo. The black blazer and white shirt combined with the polka dot tie made the whole ensemble pop against his skin tone. He was accompanied by his stylist pregnant wife, El Cee Chic, who styled him on the night. She wore an orange-red ruched top-half grecian-style dress, glammed up by the short bob. This couple looked di-vine.

Shingai Shonhiwa (above left) dressed like a star in a very fashion-forward short bustier  pvc-leather dress with a braided up-do

Cynthia Hungwe showed up in her own design, looking tre chic, wearing. a tribal print skirt and bow-tie, topped off with a black blazer. Her hair was worn in a cool pompadour. She looked very original.

Dennis Mawazi, winner of The Company of the Year Award looked very elegant in his tuxedo, he finished this look off with a red bow-tie.

 Blackarmoor fashion designer of the year Gray Rwangah did not disappoint in a grey tux worn with a wine-red bow-tie, and a dapper cap

There were many other guests who were dressed up to the nines. This undoubtedly was one night not to under dress. Let's see what the fashion future holds for ZAA 2013. Can't wait.

2013 is going to be a bigger and better event... Look-out for fashion advice and tips in the next couple of weeks all in time for this years awards event on Saturday 20th of April 2013

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Zimbabwe Achievers' photostream

winners plaqueDSCF3964DSCF3965 - Copyzimnet RadioZimAchievers102Viola Ncube
winners1Betina Sibandawinners plaqueMarjorie Ngwenyawinners 2Vicky Nkomo
Tinayeshirly1shirlyRed Carpet11Red carpet8red carpet7
red carpet6red carpet5red carpet2red carpet0red carpet0.1red carpet


Special Category

Academic Award – Dr. Winston Mano
Lifetime Achievement Award – Mr Vuli Mkandla
Chairman’s Honorary Award – Strive Masiyiwa
Conservation Award – The Zambezi Society
Tourism Award – Wild Zambezi
Outstanding Achievement – Marjorie Ngwonya
Young Achievers Award – Nyasha Matonhodze
Friends of Zimbabwe Award – Prof. Terry Ranger
People’s Choice Award – Betina Sibanda


Female Entrepreneur of the Year – Viola Ncube
Male Entrepreneur of the Year – Dr. Charles Mazhude
Company of the Year – Renaissance Personnel
Business Innovation of the Year – Tinaye Munonyara

Sports and Culture

Fashion Designer of the Year – Haranga Afrik Klodz
Urban Fashion Design – Blackarmoor
Event Promoter of the Year – Fashion Gives Back
International Sports Personality – Kirsty Coventry
Personality of the Year – Glorianne Francis


Community Organisation of the Year – Positive Youth Programs
Community Champion of the Year – Nyasha Gwatidzo


Journalist of the Year goes – Lance Guma
Media House of the Year – New Zimbabwe
Radio Station of the Year – Zimnet Radio
Radio presenter of the Year – Vickie Storm


Male Artist of the Year – Bruno ‘Money B’ Mukuze
Female Artist of the Year – Cynthia Mare
Gospel Artist of the Year – Jane Doka

DJ of the Year - Andy Blixx
Video of the Year – All Stars, “Just Wanna Dance”